South West – USA

Office: Horwath HTL Atlanta, Marietta North & Phoenix, Scottsdale

Scope of Work: Selected by Ownership and approved by Operator to review Group Sales efforts for two large convention hotels. Subject #1 over 1,000 rooms and Subject #2 over 1,500 rooms.

Description of Project: Each assessment including a week on-site; plus pre-work and post-visit analysis. Areas of concentration were: Strategic Sales & Marketing Plan and quarterly Sales Action Plans; Booking Pace; Personnel Management including Training, Meetings, Engagement and Guest Service; Sales Activities of the Group Sales Team, Global Sale Office Production/Engagement; Sales Automation, Administration and Procedures; Marketing, Advertising & PR for group markets; and Reporting.

Recommendations for Subject #1 included significant redeployment of sales managers to focus on mid-size (35-250 peak night) meetings after analysis of 8,100 plus leads in 18 ½ month period preceding visit. In addition, Horwath HTL provided feedback on issues with customer engagement by the sales team, need for current and enhanced selling tools and training, recommendations on a tactical Public Relations plan for a convention hotel and deployment against strategic states with higher than average conversion rates.

Recommendations for Subject #2 included an analysis of the reduction of Global Sales Office leads during review of 5,100 leads, focusing in on the decline by several Key Accounts, need for sales training, and opportunities for Electronic Selling tools and small meetings collateral.

Project Status: Completed in July and August, 2013.