Playa del Carmen- Mexico

Office: Horwath HTL Atlanta, Marietta North & Phoenix, Scottsdale

Scope of Work: Small room independent resort under 125 rooms in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico was purchased by US based inventors and needed assistance with automation and overall marketing and distribution strategies. Conducted WEB/IBE Competitive Analysis.

Description of Project: No web IBE (Internet Booking Engine); request only basis for reservations. No GDS connectivity. No OTA presence. High cost for distribution –total cost of $600K – or 20%. Project included efforts to re-channel approximately 8,500 room nights/$1.5M with as little impact as possible on occupancy. To further complicate the modernization, after almost 25 years the resort had to change names due to trademark issues; therefore, needed a new web address/redirect.

Project Status: Realized in twelve months:
2010: 6,087 net room nights delivered; $219.95 ADR/$1.3M; PPC spend of $27,000 delivered a 17.62 PPC ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

2011 – 6,902 net room nights delivered; $248.32 ADR/$1.7M; PPC spend of $32,000 delivered a 13.20 PPC ROAS. Reduced cost of delivery to 2% (excludes PPC) on non-TA rooms. Added presence on OTA’s, Trip Advisor, and Social Media.

NOTE: This project has become active again, in summer, 2013, with re-positioning of the Resort from 3 to 4 Stars in 2015 following re-opening from significant renovations and mergering with an adjacent hotel parcel.