Adairsville, Georgia – Barnsley Gardens Resort

Office: Horwath HTL, Atlanta Dunwoody

Scope of Work: Horwath HTL has been assisting Barnsley Gardens Resort in three specific areas: asset management, executive searches, and sales and marketing strategies. For asset management, Horwath HTL provides analysis of monthly operating and income statements. For executive searches, Horwath HTL has assisted the resort in hiring a general manager, a food and beverage director, and a director of sales and marketing. For sales and marketing strategies, Horwath HTL has assisted in the development of unique, leisure resort-specific marketing materials aimed at targeting demand for this getaway destination.

Description of Project:
Located just 50 miles outside of Atlanta, the accommodations at Barnsley Gardens Resort are housed within a European-styled village inspired by the architecture of Andrew Jackson Downing.

Project Status: Ongoing