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Horwath HTL Wellness and Sustainability Planning

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Horwath HTL Wellness and Sustainability Planning

For hotels and resorts that directly target the LOHAS (lifestyles of heath and sustainability) customer segment, our experts include an analysis of this customer base into standard market and feasibility studies. This extra level of detail provides potential investors and/or lenders with an appreciation of the depth of this market and its spending power.

From an operational perspective, we provide a service we call “personality sharpening”, to especially help independent and eco-resorts in improving occupancy and ADR in a two-step process. The first step is enhancing the wellness programming and sustainability practices in use at the subject property and the second step is to communicate the hotel’s “story” more effectively to its target market. Studies have shown that consumers are motivated to stay at hotels and resorts that incorporate these programs and practices but are challenged and frustrated at their inability to verify which hotels and resorts meet these standards.